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Learn how to measure for worry-free delivery.  We’ve developed this guide to teach you how to measure for your space with techniques to determine if the piece will fit in (and into) your home before placing your order.

We include package measurements and assembled product measurements on our product pages; be sure to consider both measurements when buying. 

STANDARD dimensions



1)    Exterior/Front doorway height

2)    Exterior/Front doorway width & clearance to opposite wall

3)    Staircase width

4)    Staircase corner width* & clearance to opposite wall upstairs (*if your stairs curve)

5)    Low-hanging light fixtures

6)    Interior doorway width & clearance to opposite wall

7)    Interior doorway height

8)    Stairwell overhang/ceiling height



COMPARE dimensions

ELEVATOR measurements


For apartment buildings or homes with elevators, it is important to measure the elevator interior height, elevator opening and opposite wall distance


Note: If guidelines above are not followed correctly, we cannot guarantee your purchase will fit.  Please take notice of any additional obstacles, such as ceiling fans, banisters, wall art and walls, or any turns directly passed the entry door. If you need additional help, please call us at (323) 701-0841 for our customer representative to help you.

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