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2112CRM,Boucle Throw Blanket In Cream
Capsule x Tejido Boucle Throw Blanket
Regular price $249
2111NVY,Honeycomb Throw Blanket In Navy
Capsule x Tejido Honeycomb Throw Blanket
Regular price $249
2013BLK,Thin Striped Pillow In Black
Capsule x Tejido Thin Striped Pillow
Regular price $129
2012BLK,Thick Striped Pillow In Black
Capsule x Tejido Thick Striped Pillow
Regular price $129
2011GEO,Geo Knit Pillow
Capsule x Tejido Geo Knit Pillow
Regular price $160
2016GRY,Heathered Grey Capsule Pillow
Heathered Grey Pillow
Regular price $99
2018TAN,Tan with Grey Triangles Capsule Pillow
Tan Pillow with Grey Triangles
Regular price $99